Thursday, May 27, 2010

Made in France

Well, I didn't win anything but I'm still a winner because during my hours of browsing I discovered this book - Made in France - cross stitch and embroidery in red, white and blue. I don't remember the blog I saw it on...sorry...but thankyou! It arrived yesterday and I love it! Only problem is deciding what to do first. I made a start on this lovely cross stitch peacock feather last night and I'm on the hunt for some more linen so I can keep stitching.

BTW, I buy my books through the Book Depository - they seem to be cheaper than elsewhere and they have free delivery. They include these great bookmarks designed by customers...I've got quite a little collection going.

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  1. {not sure what happened to my first comment} I am off to find this book, it looks adorable!


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