Sunday, November 28, 2010

Too busy with life to post.....

Oh how life is keeping me so very busy these days. Good busy though. Little girl's birthday parties, little boys growing up fast and starting school. Lots of travelling (inlcuding lovely Bruges above) and time with friends. Planning to see family and looking forward to the festive season.

I've even booked myself some creative time...just for me... check it out at Ooh La Lapin and the Kings Theatre Portsmouth.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Antique French Mother of Pearl Sewing Set

Oh my, what more can I say......check it out here.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Pinecones have taken over our home. They are collected on our walks and are appearing everywhere. In the pram, in my handbag, in pockets, in shoes, on the door mat, probably under the sofa....all over the place! Big, medium and small. Some spikey. Some painted and some with glitter. They are destined to become Christmas decorations but until then will continue to grow in numbers and take over our home.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

my creative space

More stitching. Just a little one this time. The last few I've done have taken a while so it was nice to whip up a quick cutie. I'm thinking of incorporating this into a quilt or cushion for the dolls cradle.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Car boot sale finds

The local summer car boot sale has become my favourite way to spend a Sunday morning. I love that I can wander down there with a pocket full of change and come back with all sorts of treasures. These are just a few.

The timber abacus is so well made it will last forever...not like most of today's toys! Not sure what to do with the vintage tea towel but it wont be touching any dishes. I plan to clean up and repaint the timber dolls cradle and then make some bedding for it as my little girl is just starting to enjoy playing dolls. The embroidered hankies may turn into pincushions like these. And the tins?...well, they're already filling with stamps torn from the mail.

More from Made In France

More from Made in France.

Felt Cookies for Triplets

I ordered these from Daisy Daydreams for my cousin who has recently had triplets..... yes triplets! These felt cookies are really cute, very well made and arrived quickly. It's the first time I've ever ordered from Etsy and I'm happy to say I'm impressed.

I'm also impressed with my cousin... 3 once....

Basket Starfish

Loving these Basket Starfish products from the London Natural History Museum Shop.

Sweet Little Turtle - Ooh La Lapin

This sweet little turtle arrived at our home on Saturday morning, hand delivered by the lovely Lou of Ooh La Lapin. She is bringing smiles to people all around Southsea with her cute softies which she leaves in all sorts of places for people to find, adopt and then send her pics of them out and about. I think it is a wonderful idea and I'd love to see the looks on peoples faces when they read the little note she leaves with them. I'm looking forward to seeing what the squid gets up to.
We have named our turtle Frenchy because, although you can't see it in the photo, he has an Eiffel Tower on his butt. We may even manage a photo of him at the tower before too long... we hope to visit Paris in the not too distant future.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

my creative space...

Well, I have finally pulled my finger out and made... some time to get creative. I've taken over the dining table and have made some little bean bags for the kids to enjoy...inspired by Crow Rooster Crow via Sweet Sweet Life.

More creative spaces at Kootoyoo.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Natural History Dodo Teatowel

Too nice to dry dishes with so I stuck it up behind the door to our kitchen. Hides the broom and mop behind it too! I picked this quirky teatowel up from the shop at the Oxford University Natural History Museum. It's a great museum for the kids, not too big and they can touch everything and a great place to get some creative inspiration from nature.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pea & Roasted Garlic Soup....Yum Yum & Wedgewood

From GoodToKnow Recipes magazine Feb 2010. Here.

Do you like the bowl? It's Wedgewood Pennine Oven to Table. I thrifted 5 of them and a dinner plate for a couple of pounds. My mother in law has the dinner set so I buy them whenever I see them. I'm making good use of them until I see her next! Love the way the green looks against the brown.

Printers Tray

I've always wanted one of these antique printer's trays and now that my son has started collecting all sorts of fossils, rocks, pine cones, etc during our travels, I have the perfect excuse! It arrived early this morning from The Old Printing Shop of London and I'm thrilled to bits. The Big Ben stamp is from there too.
I love that all these beautiful little items for display come straight from nature...the best designer of all. I'm tempted to fill it up with all my bits and bobs but I've refrained as I'd like the kids to be part of the process so that when they look at it they see all the places they've been and the fun times we've had.
Pitty the photo is so dark but the weather here is grey and wet...can't complain though as it's been so lovely for the past couple of weeks.

Made in France

Well, I didn't win anything but I'm still a winner because during my hours of browsing I discovered this book - Made in France - cross stitch and embroidery in red, white and blue. I don't remember the blog I saw it on...sorry...but thankyou! It arrived yesterday and I love it! Only problem is deciding what to do first. I made a start on this lovely cross stitch peacock feather last night and I'm on the hunt for some more linen so I can keep stitching.

BTW, I buy my books through the Book Depository - they seem to be cheaper than elsewhere and they have free delivery. They include these great bookmarks designed by customers...I've got quite a little collection going.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So Many Giveaways!!!

I'm addicted. I can't help myself. I've spent the last few days exploring blogs from all over the world via the Sew Mama Sew giveaways. I've entered so many that my hands are sore from typing but I've loved losing myself in all these wonderful blogs. My reader is really huge now! I hope I am lucky enough to win somthing but I've enjoyed the ride so much that it doesn't matter if I don't. It's given me the motivation I need to make the time to get creating again.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Not hiding...travelling.

Oh it's been too long! I'm not hiding from blogging. Just not getting around to it. I spend so much time in my reader...which is now somewhat overloaded, that I never get to writing any posts myself. I must be honest and say I do enjoy browsing much more than typing....

Anyway, creativity has been somewhat lacking in my life but it's been replaced with lots of travelling so I'm feeling full of inspiration and ideas but just have to make the time to put it all to good use.

Travelling...where, well France, Italy and Germany....with our 18mth old girl and 4 yr old boy! Challenging...yes, but so much fun too.
My best tip for travelling with young kids....plan, plan plan....and take food everywhere you go!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Rainbow Sunshine Tutorial and sad story

I love this tutorial on Chez Beeper Bebe for a Rainbow Sunshine plushy and the sad story about patents makes me all the more determined to find the time to make one.

It's been a long time!

Well, my life has changed somewhat in the last couple of months. We are now living in chilly Portsmouth, England rather than toasty Perth Australia. My creative side has had to rest on the shelf while I sort out family life in a new country. I will get some time back...soon I hope and I will get creative again...soon too I hope.