Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet Little Turtle - Ooh La Lapin

This sweet little turtle arrived at our home on Saturday morning, hand delivered by the lovely Lou of Ooh La Lapin. She is bringing smiles to people all around Southsea with her cute softies which she leaves in all sorts of places for people to find, adopt and then send her pics of them out and about. I think it is a wonderful idea and I'd love to see the looks on peoples faces when they read the little note she leaves with them. I'm looking forward to seeing what the squid gets up to.
We have named our turtle Frenchy because, although you can't see it in the photo, he has an Eiffel Tower on his butt. We may even manage a photo of him at the tower before too long... we hope to visit Paris in the not too distant future.

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